Mount Your Friends

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One area of intense interest to me is the future of video game development and the recent rise of indie developers; at a friends house I played a game I’d never heard of from the XBLA indie store (an often under exposed source of indie talent) that I wanted to share called Mount Your Friends.

Mount Your Friends is a “simulated sports like experience” that has two teams of banana hammock clad men (with insanely realistic physics for the bulging genitalia) battle it out to see who can mount their team member highest on the ever growing human pyramid; sounds weird right?

The game is every bit as strange as it sounds, but at the same time you are compelled to best your friends in a battle of limb flailing glory. Each turn gives you 30 seconds to mount your friend higher than the friend mounted by the opposing player. Controls are easy to learn and difficult to master, with each button activating a limb that you move with the left analogue stick and limbs will automatically attach themselves to the tower when close enough, allowing for some hilariously compromising positions.

The real fun of this game is the fine detail which is what really adds depth to the potentially shallow QWOP-like experience. The artistic style is basic and comic but with lots of polish and some of the expressions on the “friends” faces can be priceless depending on how they are positioned on the tower. Each “friend” has their name and nationality displayed at the bottom of the screen while the player flails them (some of which can sound hilarious after a few beers). The game has several different game modes to spice things up as well, (as if a tower of practically naked guys with their junk swinging round wasn’t spicy enough for you), there’s a 5 minute time trail as well as the competitive tower building and challenge modes all available locally and with online play.

My first experience of Mount Your Friends was the perfect way to be introduced to the game, lots of people gathered around a TV in the living room with plenty of drinks consumed, girls (and guys) shrieking at those dangly bits swinging as frustrated gamers shake their controllers in an effort to further flail the limbs of their characters. Local party play is definitely the best way to play this game in my opinion. I downloaded the game for a single player/online session at home a few days after the party and that frustratingly exciting experience when on a team of fellow human players just turned into me being frustrated watching alone as Ismael Farwell swung his dick at me in defiance as I failed to coordinate his limbs.

This game was developed by Daniel Steger, indie vet with other titles on the XBLA indie store from his development label “The Stegersaurus” ( Mount Your Friends is also recently available on Steam through their green light platform and according to Daniel’s blog there are plenty of updates planned to keep the mounting fresh. Including (but not limited to); a sandbox mode, customisable climbers and the ‘safe for work’ version which allows players to mount teams of fully clothed, suited friends with giant zips where their junk should be.

I will be watching this game closely on Steam and XBLA, the XBLA version is 69p in the UK and I urge anyone who has a quid to spare to give it a go. As previously mentioned this is a great game to play with friends, not so fun for me by myself but I guess it just depends how much you love building a human pyramid of naked men with swinging willies on your own.


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